Within four hours, my wife was playing with the photo app, and sending pictures to people — she’d be meaning to do so for a while. Tap, tap, tap. She was doing that from the back porch with a frosty adult beverage to complement the activity. She was smiling. That fun was followed by an extended Facebook session (she’s a big fan, I don’t use it). Tap, tap, tap. This was lying on the couch with a tennis match on. More smiles. She left it on the table, and my 14 year old daughter (the artist in the family) started playing with an Autodesk illustrator app I had downloaded. Tap, tap, tap. ‘Dad, this is cool’. Tap, tap, tap. ‘Look at this!’ My email is now filling up with her drawings. My college daughter is home from school. Late that night, she grabbed it and ran up to her room. Tap, tap, tap… Are you starting to get the picture?